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Neighbourhood Plan - Meeting NotesMon, 18th February 2019

Neighbourhood Plan - Meeting Notes

Minutes from Neighbourhood Plan and Community working Groups meetings

NP Meeting 6.2.15

NP Meeting 26.2.15

NP Meeting 6.3.15

NP Meeting 19.3.15

NP Meeting 2.4.15

Agenda 30.4.15

NP Meeting 30.4.15

NP Meeting 21.5.15

NP Meeting 4.6.15

NP Steering Grp Meeting 12.9.15

NP Meeting 7.10.15

NP Meeting 27.10.15

NP Steering Grp Meeting 7.11.15

NP Steering Grp Meeting 10.12.15

NP Steering Grp Meeting 1.1.16

NP Steering Grp Meeting 21.1.16

NP Steering Grp Meeting 30.1.16

NP Steering Grp Meeting 06.02.16

NP Steering Grp Meeting 13.02.16

NP Meeting 17.02.16

NP Steering Grp Meeting 21.02.16

NP Steering Grp Meeting 27.02.16

NP Steering Group Meeting 8.04.2016

NP Steering Grp Meeting 14.05.16

NP Steering Grp Meeting 8.06.16

NP Steering Grp Meeting 7.7.16

Community WG 8.9.15 

Facilities WG 3.5.15

Facilities WG 14.3.15

Housing and Design WG 20.04.15

Housing and Design WG 25.3.15

Employment and Tourism WG 23.3.15

Environment  WG 23.3.15



Amberley Parish Neighbourhood Plan launch event

On the 28th of March Amberley Parish Council launched the Neighbourhood plan at an event kindly hosted by the local Museum. Councilors were organised into groups to discuss the 4 main themes of the plan with parishoners and to gather thoughts and ideas on any realted topic. Links to the notes gathered by each group are below.

To view the information gathered on each theme click on the links below:

The views and ideas generated captured at this event will be used to develop each theme as part of the ongoing wider community engagement working towards the completed plan.

If there are items you would like to add or contribute to then please get in touch via the Parish Clerk.