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Evidence baseMon, 18th February 2019

Evidence base

This is the Neighbourhood Plan Evidence Base which will be used to provide information for the NP Examiner.

1.   Ramsar and SSSI

2.   Amberley Conservation Area

3.   North Stoke Conservation Area

4.   Listed Buildings

5.   Scheduled Monuments

6.   SDNP - Special Qualities 

7.   Public Rights of Way

8.   Profile details - Amberley (including data taken from the 2011 census)

9.   Tree Preservation Orders

10.  Parish of Amberley Design Statement (PADS)

11. Wildlife Deposition

12. Crossgate Field Wildlife

13. Housing

Housing Needs Survey Results 2015

H D Minutes

Possible Housing Site -  Hilda Newlands land

Poss Housing Sites - Parham Estate

Poss Housing Sites - HDC

Housing Sites Analysis

14. Consultation

2015 Survey Results

Consultation Events  - link to web page

School Consultation response re car park

School Support for proposals Feb 16

WSCC Highways Response 12.7.16

SDNPA Minerals Advice 31.5.16

SDNPA Settlement Boundary Advice

SDNPA advice on LGS and Car Park 8.6.16

15. Meeting Notes

Link to web page 

General Background Documents - link to web page

16. Regulation 14 Consultation feedback

Summary of results from survey

Appraisal of comments received at Reg 14:

Compass Bus

East Street

B2139 and Mill Lane

Hurst Cottage

Village Centre


Environment Agency

Highways England

Horsham DC

Natural England

Parham Estates

Southern Water



Statutory Consultee Responses - round up of comments received and NP Team responses

17. Community Engagement

Summary of 'post - its' from community engagement

 Launch of NP - responses Employment & Tourism

launch of NP 27.3.15 - responses from Environment

launch of NP 27.3.15 - facilities, transport and services

launch of NP 27.3.15 - housing

Post its from BATS meeting 27.4.15

Post its from Crossgates meeting 6.5.15

 Inputs for Amberley Young 20.5.15

 10.11.15 Meeting - Business & Toursim

Post Its - Business and Tourism

 10.11.15 Meeting - Community Facilities

 10.11.15 Meeting - Environment and sustainability

 10.11.15 Meeting - Housing and Design

 10.11.15 Meeting - Getting Around

Post its from consultation week Nov 15

Post its from consultation week Nov 15 - 2

Amberley School Consultation May 2015

Crossgates mtg re Parham field - Sportsman 28 April 16